Family Business: Best Practices, Potholes & War Stories #BP212

Sun. July 16| 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | A220 - A222

Family businesses can outperform the competition if all synergies are realized. They can also under-perform if they are mismanaged. While statistics will say that most family businesses fail when handed to the next generation, Jeffrey Scott will share his extensive experience in ensuring the opposite -- unbelievable success. Protect and grow your family business by learning how to increase the speed of growth and company morale; define and stay in your lane; increase profitability and productivity; and shift focus from inputs to outputs. Enjoy more success and increase your confidence that both family and non-family employees can carry on your family business legacy. (Eligible for 1 LA CES credit)

Level: Progressive

Type: Business Operations

Track: Business Plus, Garden Retail, Greenhouse, Interior Plantscape, Landscape, Nursery


Jeffrey Scott Owner, Jeffrey Scott