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MANAGEMENT OF SOIL MOISTURE IN HANGING BASKETS: Many growers use some method of weight judgment to determine the soil moisture content of baskets. These methods work because the weight of a basket is a good indicator of its soil moisture content. However, all manual methods require the grower’s time and expertise. OASIS by Control Dekk sets a new standard by effectively controlling the basket’s weight to manage soil moisture. OASIS gives the grower confidence that the soil moisture is at the proper level, thus allowing him/her to focus on other plant needs and gain efficiency with other horticultural practices. Growers develop increased understanding of plants by examining how plant varieties respond to different soil moisture levels. For example, many varieties can be grown ‘on the dry side’ to reduce/eliminate the need for growth regulators. OASIS results in a more uniform crop that is of consistently higher quality. Results are even more noticeable when baskets hang in areas that can adversely impact plant health. Typically, these areas have more/less sun or more air movement (near heaters, fans or vents). Baskets in these areas need to be watered differently than those in other areas. OASIS produces unprecedented results by analyzing each basket and then applying the amount of water necessary for the basket to reach the desired weight. Additionally, water and chemical/fertilizer usage is reduced. Plants and floors under watering areas improve due to reduction/elimination of water runoff/dripping. Use the new standard! Manage your basket soil moisture with OASIS by Control Dekk.
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