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No 15 N Airport Rd Jinwan District Zhuhai City
Zhuhai, GuangDong Province 519041

P: +86-756-7630168
F: +86-756-7630811

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About Megaphoton Inc

Megaphoton Inc. was established in 2001, is a listed company (stock code: 839252) located in China. Megaphoton is based on the development and production of theHorticultural and Greenhouse Artificial Lighting System, with two R & D centers in Beijing and Xi'an, China and a production base of 50,000 square meters in Zhuhai. The core product is Electronic Ballast (250W ~ 1500W ) and Growing HID lamps for Greenhouse Lighting. Engaged in Horticultural and Greenhouse Lighting for more than ten years, Megaphoton has been involved in hundreds of Greenhouse Artificial Lighting Systems in Europe, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia and China etc. It has provided more than 3 million Electronic Ballast (mainly 600W and 1000W ) and nearly 5 million Growing HID lamps. Megaphoton is the leading global provider of electronic ballast for Horticultural and Greenhouse Lighting.
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