CMBS And Why You Should Worry #NR216

Sun. July 16| 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM | C170 - C172

Crape myrtle bark scale (CMBS) is a relatively new exotic pest of crapemyrtle and has many documented alternative hosts including plants from 16 genera in 13 families. Crape myrtle is a $66 million crop, and CMBS is threatening the utility and aesthetics of crape myrtles in urban landscapes in all Southeastern states except Florida. Dr. Mengmeng Gu will discuss brief history of CMBS in the U.S., symptoms, life cycle, and controls.This session may be eligible for pesticide recertificaiton credit. (Eligible for 1 LA CES/HSW credit)

Level: Fundamental

Type: Diagnostics

Track: HRI, Landscape, Nursery

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