Addressing Labor Shortage Challenges #GH325

Mon. July 17| 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | A115-A113

Labor shortage is a common problem among growers. Instead of trying to hire more people, a better approach is to improve labor efficiency by working smarter, not harder, to get more done with less people. In this session, we will have growers share with us their experience in efficiency improvement of a mid-sized greenhouse operation over the past decade. We will also have an overview of software tools for productivity improvement, including inventory management, growing space planning, labor efficiency tracking, production scheduling, pest management, and more. Leading greenhouse software suppliers are invited to serve on a panel to answer your specific questions. Please send your questions to Peter ( before 7/10/2017.

Level: Fundamental

Type: Technology

Track: Greenhouse

Handout(s): Addressing Labor Shortages Epicore Handout , Addressing Labor Shortages SBI handout


Aaron Allison Partner, SBI Software
John Stallmer President, Picas - Innovative Software Solutions Ltd
Nate Barker Olson's Greenhouse Gardens
Peter Ling, PhD Ohio State University - OARDC
Stephen Van Wingerden Color Point - Paris, KY